Summer Party DIY’s

If you’re having a party this summer, be sure to check out our party DIY’s.  We had a lot of fun putting it together!  On this page you’ll find our related videos and step by step directions on all the DIYs in the video. Enjoy!

Pineapple Centerpiece
We used: 3 tiered basket, fruit, 4 palms frowns, 4 tree branches

*Fill the basket with fruit for weight and balance. A basket like this can be purchased for under $20.

*Add the 4 palm frawns ($20 for 4 plastic frowns or live palms from a plant can be used also.   The plastic frowns have a wire through the middle, so it makes it easier to poke into the pineapple. May need to add wire to a real palm frawn for strength.  It’s  easier if the pineapple is ripe. Make sure they are evenly balanced.

*Last, add the 4 tree branches to fill in. Anything you have or like can be used here.  The branches we used here worked well. They are just sitting in the crevasses of the pineapple and held up through the day nicely.

Flamingo Centerpieces
We used: 2 tall wine bottles, 2 flamingos, flowers & leaves   from the yard.
*We used two wine tall wine bottles, but any tall bottles will do, as long as they are tall enough to balance the flamingos.

*Add some pebbles, or small rocks to the bottles, and fill with      water. For colored water add a little food coloring. Or leave out the water. Main reason for the water is to keep the fresh leaves and flowers fresh a little longer.

*Lastly, add whatever flowers or leaves you have on hand.

They added to the festive atmosphere. Also added height & color to   our table.

We used: 2 1/2 yards fabric, paper plate, scissors & pen.

*Cut paper plate in half.

*Trace plate onto fabric with a little overlap of each flag for strength.

*Cut out, being sure to cut a long enough tie at each end.

*The flags can be made out of paper too, but we used fabric because it blows gently in the wind and we happened to have a lot of fabric.

Cupcake Liners
We used: liner pattern (link for download), strong paper, pencil,    scissors. For a sculpted edge use fancy scissors.

*Download our free cupcake liner pattern. Click Cupcake liner PATTERN

*Trace it onto a hearty paper of your choice.  Personalize by printing your own patterns or photos for a special occasion.

*Cut it out. We used fancy scissors usually referred to as “paper edger scissors” on the top edge for a extra special look.

*Wrap around a cupcake for sizing and tape closed.  We wrapped the tape around the bottom edge so it secured the liner on both sides.

*This little extra adds one more little extra that says “were having a party”!

*For all the details on the cupcake display, check out our “Party Cupcake” video.

Fun Activities
We used what we had. An old frame, hoola-hoops, beach ball,          arm wrestling. We've also done shards. Any props, or fun activities.

Food and Drinks
We served burgers, hot dogs, watermelon, cupcakes, with all the      trimmings.

We prepared the burgers & hot dogs in advance, and made the bbq part of the party,         but sandwich makings or take out food work great too if you want to avoid any cooking at the party. If the party is between meal times snacks and appetizers is another great option.

Add Festive touches with color 
We brough in color with inner tubes, flamingos, beach towels,        umbrellas, our DIY flags and centerpieces. Even the food was chosen  partly for its color. Watermelon, cupcakes, Sangria, burger wrappers,and trays. See videos and more details on Sangria, cupcakes, and the playsuit we made for the occasion.
Summer PArty DIYS COlor on beach

Advance Planning:
The Sangria, cupcakes, flags, centerpieces, were all done in advance.

72 hours in advance. It's actually better after marinating  for a couple days. See for all the details on  making the sangria.

Pineapple Centerpiece:
We did the pineapple centerpiece 4  days in advance, then picked and added the yard tree branches the day of the party.

Flamingo Centerpiece:
We used two tall wine bottles from the sangria making and had the flamingo, water and rocks put together several days in advance, then    added the fresh flowers and leaves the day of the party. 

We made the cupcakes & frosting 5 days in advance. Froze the cupcakesjust like mostbakeries do. It makes them easier to frost or decorate.

Buttercream Frosting:
We made the buttercream frosting 5 days in advance and kept it refrigerated until about an hour before using. Frosting needs to be just   the right temperature for piping. 
See the"

Burgers, and hot dogs were cooked at the party, but sandwiches and   other pre-prepared foods are also great options.

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