Retro Summer Party

Summer Party DIYs Frame

A fun campy 1950s instructional reel on how to have a party and what not to do!

Thinking about having a party!

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Call a friend to help or check out Summer Party DIY’s

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Discuss location, food, drink, decor, activities, who to invite and what to wear.

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We made this retro Playsuit with romper and skirt.  Check out details on how to make this playsuit How to Make 1950s Playsuit

Retro Summer



We decided on a nearby pond for our party location. We planned well and got everything there in one load!

Retro Summer Party photos-areawide shot    

Food & Drinks We grilled burgers and weenies.

Retro Summer

We used retro baskets and paper wrap.

Retro Summer Party-photos burger baskets

We cut watermelon into easy to hold pieces, and kept in ice chests until party time.

Retro Summer

These adorable cupcakes were inspired by the old fashioned ice cream sundae. We made them 4 days in  advance and froze until party day. Video with all the details to be released July 10, 2017

Retro Summer Partyphotos cupcakes

We made our favorite Sangria recipe!  Check out Sangria Recipe for all the details.

Retro Summer Partyphotos sangria pour

Decorations were easy!  Days in advance we made a 1 pineapple center-piece, 2 flamingo centerpieces, fabric scalloped flags,cupcake linersand we added color and made it festive with accessories such as tablecloths, umbrellas, beach towels. (video Summer Party DIY’s and blog page go here)

Pineapple & Flamingo Centerpieces

Pineapple Ctrpc.jpg

Fabric Scalloped flags

SUmmer PArty DIY FLag final

For details on our old-fashioned inspired cupcakes check out Party Cupcakes


  Wrong Date

In our campy 1950s instructional, the ladies realize Sue put the wrong date on the invitation.

After letting off a little steam, the ladies quickly decided to enjoy all they had worked so hard to create. For activities we kept it simple and inexpensive just like it was done in the old days. Found an old frame in the attic for picture taking.

Summer Party DIYs Frame Played with beach balls and inner tubes.

Summer Party DIYs Beach ball

Hula-Hoop is always good for a few laughs!

Romper -HoolaHoop4

Arm wrestling can be fun, but only if egos are left behind.

Retro Summer Partyphotos-armwrestling 3

We even busted out the bubbles.


Plan ahead, do as much as possible ahead of time, and save some energy for the party.

Retro Summer Partyphotos-endon beachEnjoy!


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