Sangria Recipe

Have a refreshing glass of Sangria on a hot summer day! Here’s our favorite Sangria recipe!

The Sangria is definitely better when made at least 24 in advance.  Even 48 or 72 hours is delicious.  We've done it all, and it definitely gets better with time.  Since no ice is added, it is important to keep all ingredients refrigerated.  It keeps for at least a week depending on how ripe the fruit is to start. Check below for other options, such as non-alcohol, smaller quantities, and just about any fruit, soda, and liquor combination you can think of.



For this Sangria Recipe we used:
4 bottles white wine (or a gallon)
2 2-liter bottles Club Soda (cold
2 2-liter bottles 7-up
2 cups lemonade
1 can fruit cocktail
2 oranges
2 lemons
2 apples
1/2 cup cherries
1/2 cup grapes
1/2 cup watermelon
1/2 cup pineapple
1/2 cup berries
or use your favorite fruits


  Place in refrigerator (ideally for 24 to 48 hours).


Just before serving, add two 2-liter bottles of Club Soda, and two 2-liter bottles of 7-up. You can also use other carbonated drink optionStir and serve.

Important tips:  Keep all the ingredients cold without adding any  ice.  Add 7-up & Club Soda just before serving. Only add ice to the  Sangria if you want it watered down. Best to add to the glass or makesure the Sangria is real cold. Whether serving in a punch bowl, or a dispenser, make sure to have a ladle handy for scooping fruit into   the glasses.

Other Sangria Recipe quantity options
Although our recipe is party-size, it's easy to make a smaller       quantity by adjusting fruit, wine and soda quantities down to pitcher-size or even glass-size. Fill a quarter of the glass or pitcher with your favorite fruits. Then split the rest 50-50 with wine and soda.  Of course adjust to your liking. Add the soda last. Serve in a       festive glass and you've got a special drink!

Non-Alcohol Sangria Recipe
Just leave out the wine, and add a favorite juice in its place. 
Try chia seeds too.

Sangria Recipe combinations
White Sangria: Use only white fruits and white wine.
Pink Sangria: White wine & red & white fruits.
Red Sangria: Use Red wine and any fruit including red.
Red wine, brandy,orange juice, fruit and club soda. 
Red wine, brandy, sparkling water,liqueur,Club soda and fruit.
White wine, vodka (flavored or not), fruit, and 7 up.
In Closing
The possibilities are endless. There are so many delicious           combinations. Try experimenting on a small scale first and if you    like it, serve at your next gathering along with a non-alcoholic     option.

The term sangria dates to the 18th century. It's generally believed  to have been taken from the Spanish sangre (blood), in reference to  the red color of the drink; some believe, however, that the word     comes from Sanskrit via the Urdu sakkari (sugared wine).
Early versions started in Spain, England, and Greece, where it was   and still is a very famous and popular drink. 

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