Unique Gift Wraps

Super easy unique gift wrap ideas. Use what you have around the yard 
or make the gift  the star.

In this first example, a canister set (by Pioneer Women) is so beautiful that no gift wrap could be better.  Each of these canisters are filled with favorite treats, teas,coffees, cookies,  or pretty much anything the recipient likes.

gift1.jpgThis particular ribbon is 5 yards (a gift in itself). It has wire so it  was easy enough to whip into shape with a couple of bow ties at the top, and a few loops tied in, or tie a simple bow with any ribbon or string.


This second unique gift wrap is truly the easiest most natural, and free.
 Wrap with a brown paper bag, newspaper, magazine pages, or whatever you
 have. Gather leaves, berries or whatever you can find around your yard 
or neighborhood. Tie it all up and you have a beautiful and festive 
unique gift wrap for anytime of year!


That’s the DIY effect!

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