Make Pikachu Ears

Looking for a costume for Cosplay, Halloween, or just for fun, make Pikachu Ears  in  less than an hour. Pattern for Pikachu ears at the bottom of page.

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pika-ears-cut-1_1 Print the pattern at the bottom of this page, or draw your own.

Less than 1/2 yard of yellow fabric (I used fleece)

Black felt (scraps will do)

Stuffing (cotton balls or batting)

Pipe cleaners (optional)

Yellow thread

Super glue

Sewing machine or needle and thread

Scissors, pins, and pencil/pen


1. Cut out your pattern

2. Pin the pattern on two layers of yellow fabric, trace it, then cut it out. Then repeat for the second ear. pika-ears-cut-1

3. Remove the pattern and pin the fabric to hold pieces in place.   Then, sew along the edges, leaving the bottom end open. pika-ears-cut-blac

4. Trim excess fabric and turn the ears right side out. pika-ears-cut-bleh

5. Optional: For structure, insert pipe cleaners inside of the ears, all the way to the tip. pika-ears-cut-1_2

6. Add stuffingpika-ears-cut-1_3

7. Trace the pattern for the tips of the ears onto two layers of black felt, then cut it out. pika-ears-cut-1_4

8. Sew the edges of the black felt pieces, leaving the bottom ends open. pika-ears-cut-1_5

9. Trim the excess fabric, then turn the right side out. pika-ears-cut-1_6

10.Sew or glue the tip onto the ears pika-ears-cut-1_7

11.Sew or pin ears on to a headband, hat or hood. pika-ears-cut-1_8 Now you have Pikachu ears! pika-ears-cut-1_9 pika-ears-cut-1_10



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