Make a Pikachu Tail

Gotta have the classic Pikachu Tail if your gonna be Pikachu. Here's one way to do it! Check below for no-sew options too!


-Print the pattern at the bottom of the page or use an old dog coat for a pattern

-2 squares of yellow felt or yellow fabric to match costume

-Scraps of brown felt

-Batting, cotton balls or something soft for stuffing

-Scissors, pins, marker
1. Draw pattern on paper and cut out pattern. Then trace pattern onto the felt and cut it out

2. Sew around the tail and turn right side out

3. Trace the pattern for the brown base or draw a pattern and pin it to the tail after it's been turned right side out

4. Sew brown felt to tail and trim close, then final step sew the long end of tail closed

5. Sew or pin the tail onto your costume (Don't forget the brown end of the tail is connected to the costume and the yellow end is the tip.)
And you're finished!

No Sew Option:
If you don't have a sewing machine, consider using glue for edges of tail and brown end or consider hand sewing.



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