Make a Pikachu Dog Costume

Now your dog can be a Pikachu! Print free pattern at bottom of page. Check out related posts Make a Pikachu TailMake Pikachu EarsMake a Pokeball, and for some drama check out Halloween Pokemon Skit



Print the free pattern at the bottom of the page, or use an old dog coat as a pattern.

Appx 2 yards of yellow fabric (fleece was used here)

Red, black, & white felt for face. Brown felt for 2 stripes on back.

Button, snap & velcro were used for neck, hood, & belt closures

Yellow & black thread & sewing machine

Measuring tape, Scissors, pins, marker

Gorilla or super glue

For full costume, see the making of the  Pikachu Ears & Pikachu Tail


Pin pattern to two layers of yellow fabric with right sides together, and cut out.


The Pikachu dog coat is 3 pieces. Body, hood, and belt.


Sew around coat leaving collar area open. Sew around hood leaving neck open, and sew around belt leaving one end open.


After sewing,  pull right sides out and top stitch all around, leaving same areas open.

Mark the half way mark on the hood and coat, then pin together, and sew.

Pin the belt to the coat and sew.


Hand sew on button at neck, sew snap on hood & sew velcro on belt.


Cut out red felt using a quarter as a pattern, use a nickel for the black eyes and cut out tiny circles for the white of the eye. Trace the shape of the mouth on red felt cut it out. Also cut two thin black felt strips for mouth.


Glue the pieces onto the hood.


Pin (safety pins)or sew the ears and tail to the finished costume. See video on how to make Make Pikachu Ears  & Pikachu Tail.



Free Pikachu dog costume pattern






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